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Cheltenham Badlands: The Amazing Mars-Like Landscape in Ontario

Cheltenham Badlands

The Cheltenham Badlands are one of the most unique natural features in Ontario. While this was once a little known gem of the region, it’s now one of the most instantly recognizable landscapes in the province. This exposed red Queenston shale terrain is like no other in the region. It’s likely a bit of a […]

Moore Park Ravine Trail: A Peaceful Retreat to the Forest in Toronto

Moore Park Ravine Trail

You don’t need to go very far from Toronto to hike through nature, and the Moore Park Ravine Trail is an excellent example of that. I’ve highlighted some of my favourite Toronto hiking trails on this hiking blog and I’m proud that these midtown Toronto trails in this article have made the cut. Not only […]

Warden Woods and the Gus Harris Trail: The Best Hiking in Scarborough (Toronto)

Warden Woods

You might have heard about the Scarborough Bluffs, but have you heard about Warden Woods and the Gus Harris Trail? Warden Woods is another fantastic place to go hiking in Scarborough. It’s an entirely different experience from Bluffer’s Park as it’s not on Lake Ontario, but it’s a lovely park alongside a pretty little creek. […]

Glen Stewart Ravine: Toronto’s Beautiful Boardwalk Path Through the Forest

Glen Stewart Ravine Toronto

The Glen Stewart Ravine is a hidden forest escape in the middle of Toronto. For those living in the city, it’s proof that you don’t need to travel far to go on a short hike through nature. On the Glen Stewart Park Trail, there’s an expansive boardwalk across a protected forested area where you’ll quickly […]

Wahoosh Falls: A Hidden Waterfall in Mississauga, Ontario

Wahoosh Falls Mississauga

Have you heard of Wahoosh Falls? Hamilton might be the City of Waterfalls, but you don’t need to travel that far from Mississauga or Toronto to chase waterfalls. In fact, there’s a beautiful waterfall right here in Mississauga. It’s called Wahoosh Falls and it’s so easy to visit. While it doesn’t involve very much hiking, […]

Claireville Conservation Area: A Little Known Place to Hike in Brampton

Claireville Conservation Area

Claireville Conservation Area is a park managed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority. While I’ve gone hiking on several Mississauga hiking trails, I have to admit that this was my first time going hiking in Brampton. While this trail isn’t exactly in the middle of nature (there are nearby buildings and road noise on […]

Top 10 Mississauga Hiking Trails: The Best Walking Trails in Mississauga

Mississauga Hiking Trails

Did you know that there are some incredible Mississauga hiking trails to visit that don’t involve leaving the city at all? There are so many lists online that talk about the best hikes in Mississauga. And then…the hikes aren’t even in Mississauga! I don’t want to write about hiking in Burlington, Milton, Campbellville, or anywhere […]

Meadowvale Conservation Area: Mississauga Trails on the Credit River

Meadowvale Conservation Area

The Meadowvale Conservation Area might not be the biggest park in the area, but it’s one of the best places to go hiking in Mississauga. While much of Mississauga is urban sprawl or a seemingly endless suburbia, there are a few natural spaces where you can go for a hike in the city. Meadowvale Conservation […]

Riverwood Conservancy: Beautiful Mississauga Gardens and Hiking Trails

Riverwood Conservancy Mississauga

Can you believe that I’ve lived in Mississauga for years and didn’t know that Riverwood Conservancy existed? Perhaps you also live in the GTA and haven’t heard of it before. It’s a peaceful sanctuary in the heart of the city where you can easily get a dose of nature without having to travel very far. […]

Top 10 Toronto Hiking Trails: The Best Places to Hike in Toronto

Toronto Hiking Trails

When Toronto comes to mind, you might envision towering condo buildings, endless concrete roads, and traffic jams for days. That’s not all there is to the city. There are beautiful wooded parks, trails through peaceful forests, and wildlife habitats in Toronto. You can find many places to hike in Toronto without leaving the city boundaries. […]