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Bronte Creek Provincial Park Trails: Beautiful Hikes in Oakville

Bronte Creek Provincial Park

The Bronte Creek Provincial Park trails allow for lovely little walks that aren’t too far from the city. If you’re looking to go hiking in Oakville or Burlington, Bronte Creek Provincial Park is a great place to spend time in nature for a couple of hours. These are fantastic hiking trails near Toronto, Mississauga, and […]

Scotsdale Farm: Fantastic Halton Hiking Trails on the Bruce Trail

Scotsdale Farm

Scotsdale Farm is one of the prettiest places to immerse yourself in nature near Georgetown, Ontario. It’s a heritage farm that’s home to some of the best Halton hiking trails. These Halton trails are also managed by the Bruce Trail Conservancy. The trails at Scotsdale Farm consist of the main Bruce Trail and several side […]

Kerncliff Park: One of the Best Hikes in Burlington, Ontario

Kerncliff Park in Burlington

Kerncliff Park is one of the top places to go hiking in Burlington, Ontario. It’s somewhat of a hidden gem. I hadn’t really heard much about Kerncliff Park until learning about it from some members of the Ontario Hiking Facebook group. It looks quite unassuming from the starting point at the parking lot, like there […]

Royal Botanical Gardens Trails: Hiking the Bridle Trail Loop in Burlington

RBG Bridle Loop Trail

You might have visited the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington and Hamilton, Ontario in the past. There are stunning gardens featuring gorgeous flowers, plants, sculptures, rock gardens, and more. Did you know that the Royal Botanical Gardens also boasts 27 km of hiking trails, too? There are numerous Royal Botanical Gardens trails in both Burlingon […]

Hilton Falls Conservation Area: Don’t Only Visit the Waterfall (Hike the Trails, Too!)

Hilton Falls Conservation Area

When Justin and I visited Hilton Falls Conservation Area on a weekday afternoon, it was really crowded in one place and one place only. Hilton Falls, this beautiful waterfall in Milton, happened to be swarmed with people and families. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty waterfall, even if it’s only a trickle of water […]

Sixteen Mile Creek Trail in Oakville: A Magical Natural Escape in the City

Sixteen Mile Creek Trail

Sixteen Mile Creek Trail was such a pleasant surprise. While I live in the nearby village of Port Credit in Mississauga, I didn’t know if there were any good opportunities to hike “next door” in Oakville. Sure, there are lots of Conservation Halton Parks in Burlington and Milton. Credit Valley Conservation has great places to […]

Limehouse Conservation Area: Hiking, History and the Hole in the Wall

Limehouse Conservation Area

Limehouse Conservation Area is one of the best hiking trails near Toronto, nestled between Halton Hills and Georgetown, Ontario. There are a few conservation areas and hiking trails in the vicinity of Halton Hills and Georgetown: Limehouse Conservation Area, Silver Creek Conservation Area, and Terra Cotta Conservation Area. The Bruce Trail is the main hiking […]

Dundas Valley Conservation Area: Hiking the Dundas Valley Trails

Dundas Valley Conservation Area

The Dundas Valley Conservation Area is one of my all time favourite places to go hiking. I am from the town of Dundas (now part of the city of Hamilton), and I used to live really close to these Dundas Valley trails. I have so many memories of hiking here when I was a kid. […]

Silver Creek Conservation Area: Scenic Trails in Halton Hills

Silver Creek Conservation Area

Silver Creek Conservation Area is one of the best places to go hiking in Halton Hills, Ontario. One of the best trails in Ontario, the Bruce Trail, meanders through the conservation area. You’ll also have the opportunity to hike several of the Bruce Trail Side Trails. Silver Creek is the largest of all the Credit […]

Crawford Lake Conservation Area: Hiking to Find a Fascinating Natural and Cultural History

Crawford Lake Conservation Area

I love exploring the parks of Ontario so much because they’re all so unique and lovely in their own way. Crawford Lake Conservation Area is a lesser known place to go hiking in Ontario, but it’s one of the most interesting spots. There’s an elevated boardwalk that wraps completely around a rare lake that reveals […]