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Downloadable Hiking Guides & Exclusive Perks: Introducing the Ontario Hiking Patreon!

Ontario Hiking Patreon

When I started this hiking blog, I had no idea that it would grow and flourish into the blog and community that it is today. I create detailed hiking guides with photos, video, and maps to help you get out there and explore more of Ontario with ease. The Ontario Hiking Facebook community has grown […]

How to Avoid Ticks While Hiking: Best Ways to Protect Yourself From Ticks

How to Avoid Ticks While Hiking

Ticks are prevalent on hiking trails throughout Ontario, so it’s important to know how to avoid ticks while hiking. While it isn’t a great experience to have a tick burrowed into your skin, some ticks are worse than others. Some spread Lyme disease, which can be a very serious illness. In order to protect yourself […]

Best Hiking Apps: GPS & Trail Apps You Need to Use

Best Hiking Apps

The best hiking apps can make your hiking trip a lot easier, safer, and more fun. There’s nothing wrong with bringing some technology with you into the great outdoors. While a good old fashioned map and compass are always the top choices for safety purposes, these top trekking apps will have you planning and navigating […]

Best Gifts for Hikers: Unique Gifts for Hiking Lovers

Hiking Gift Guide

These are the best gifts for hikers if you know someone who adores hiking and the outdoors. While hiking is easy for anyone to do without much gear, there are lots of products out there that make the trek more enjoyable and safe. This comprehensive hiking gift guide features some of the most unique hiking […]

Amazing Hiking Boots to Navigate the Outdoors: My Top 3 Picks

Best Hiking Boots

Choosing the best hiking boots is no easy feat. There are endless choices for hiking shoes on the market. Finding the best pair of hiking boots is really important. After all, you’re going to walk for miles and miles on your own two feet. A great pair of hiking boots will keep you comfortable, sturdy, […]